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Steve List


First and foremost, Steve List is a teacher.  He is also, a landscaper and Urban Garden Lecturer for the City of LA. 

Steve has been cultivating high school horticulturists at Sylmar Charter High School in Sylmar, CA, for the past 15 years. Since taking over the school’s neglected 2 acre Agriculture Center, he and hundreds of students have launched a green revolution of flowers, fruits and vegetables across the northeast San Fernando Valley.  At the same time, he has taught his students urban agriculture, nutrition, edible landscaping — and values.” 

His students have designed, built and given away 500 plus raised-bed gardens for families without fresh fruits and veggies. To date, List and his Sylmar High horticulturists have found homes for an estimated 100,000 trees, plants and seedlings and ensured that lots of Angelenos benefit from freshly picked produce. 


Steve freely proclaims, “This is my dream, my calling”.  And we all benefit from his dedication.

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